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Where is the gap between domestic and foreign cnc?

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Specifically, for popular vertical machining centers with a large volume and a wide range, foreign companies use CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing units, and flexible manufacturing systems to manufacture them, achieving large-scale production, and the monthly output is more than hundreds of units. Some large enterprises The monthly output even reaches 500-600 units. Relatively speaking, foreign products have a short delivery time and good quality stability. Due to the small production scale of the domestic popular vertical processing center, most of the company's annual output is around hundreds of units, and individual companies can reach about 500 units. There is a gap in product delivery and quality compared with similar foreign products. , And the price advantage is not big, so it loses the market in the competition. For high-speed or five-axis vertical machining centers, due to the level of domestic products compared with similar foreign products, there is a certain gap, so the market is mostly controlled by foreign products. For the horizontal machining center, the general horizontal machining center, domestically produced can basically meet the needs of users, and the high-efficiency and precise horizontal machining center basically still needs to rely on imports. For the fixed beam small-size gantry machining center, because there is no obvious advantage in price, the products produced in Taiwan have obvious advantages in the competition, especially in the textile machinery industry.

Where is the gap between domestic and foreign cnc?(图1)

Although my country has achieved gratifying results in the development of high-end machining centers (high-speed, precision, five-axis) in recent years, and a batch of new high-speed, precision, five-axis products for different purposes have entered the production site, it will take some time to change the dependence on imports. .

Increasing the market share of domestic machining centers is the ultimate goal of my country's machine tool industry.

The author recommends:

1. Speed up the industrialization of domestic processing centers. Through technological transformation, the use of advanced manufacturing technology and advanced management in my country's machine tool industry strives to shorten the manufacturing cycle, ensure product quality and stability, realize industrialization, and improve the market competitiveness of domestic machining centers, especially domestic vertical machining centers.

2. Combine production, learning, research, and application to master core technologies. Through the combination of production enterprises, universities, research institutes, and users, strengthen basic technology research and product development, master a batch of core technologies of high-end CNC machine tools, carefully cultivate the domestic high-end CNC machine tool market, and rapidly increase the market share of high-end CNC machine tools.

3: Changxin brand domestic processing centers are all from Taiwan, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, advantages: reasonable price, stable product performance, high precision

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