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Competition in die casting mold manufacturing market is intensifying.

Industry dynamics
2018/11/07 11:34
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Die casting die factories are becoming more competitive in the market. The market competition of die and mould in our country is aggravating constantly, and the technical content of die and mould is increasing continuously. More and more die and mould belong to high-tech products. It is understood that at present, four kinds of moulds have been listed in the Export Catalogue of China's High-tech Products by the relevant state departments. In fact, there are many moulds with more technical content than these four kinds of moulds, such as progressive die for automotive parts, precision multi-station progressive die, stamping die for large and complex automotive panels, automatic casting die for automotive interior parts, hot-pressing moulds for high-strength plates, etc. With the development of high and new technology, more and more mould manufacturing enterprises have been recognized as high and new technology enterprises by relevant government departments at all levels.
According to the preliminary statistics of CMA, there are 7 state-level high-tech enterprises in mould industry, and nearly 100 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. The trend of international mold capital transfer to China is very obvious, and the prospect of mold export is very good. Because our country's mould, especially the medium and low-grade ones, has a great price advantage in the international market, some of them are even a fraction of the price of the international market, coupled with our country's low-cost high-quality labor resources and better technical basis and infrastructure, so in recent years, foreign investors in our mould industry. The amount of investment has increased year by year, and more and more multinationals have been purchasing mold in China. It can be seen that the development of Shenzhen die casting mould industry will gain a good momentum in the future.
It is reported that die-casting die enterprises usually pay great attention to speed up the pace of new product development. At the same time, zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers have actively launched a marketing strategy to enter the international market while meeting their domestic needs. In addition, in addition to vigorously promoting a good marketing strategy, the price and manufacturing cycle of foreign molds are generally 5-10 times that of domestic molds, and the manufacturing cycle is 2-3 times. In this regard, China's foundry industry has a certain price and manufacturing cycle advantage over foreign countries. Second, a good die-casting mold can bring great advantages to the company, and it should be said that there are many benefits. Die-casting dies are always repaired, modified, and even scrapped after Zui. It takes a lot of time and manpower, and a lot of extra costs.
Most people think that it is impossible to design a die casting die at one time (the design of gating system). It must be revised again later. In fact, this is a serious mistake. Now the design defects can be analyzed by using advanced CAE simulation analysis software (such as FLOW3D and MAGMASFOT). The vigorous development of automobile, aviation and other related industries in China in recent years has provided a huge market demand for die-casting die industry. Demand is an important factor to promote economic growth. Die-casting die-related production The vigorous development of the industry has provided broad market space for it.


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